"Bringing Hope to the Hopeless"

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New Hope for Women and Children was formed to educate and support women and children in East Africa Ethiopia to overcome barriers to health, education, and self-reliance. We are committed to do this by providing skins training, and health education with an emphasis on the crises of maternal and child mortality, HIV / AIDS, illiteracy, and unemployment the perpetuates poverty and hopelessness 

In Ethiopia, only 45% of the total population has geographical access to medical services. There is extreme scarcity of medical staff and facilities in the rural areas, and health services are mal-distributed (top-down according to funds) and in a state of despair, uncoordinated, inefficient, with non-existent involvement and participation of the private sector. The extremely low educational profile of the East Africa Ethiopian society is evidenced by the fact that 66% of school age children have no access to formal schooling. Illiteracy among the productive age group is rampant and perpetuates widespread poverty. Although forming a majority of the population, Ethiopian women are marginalized and denied education, employment, and other opportunities. Woman historically does not participate in the economic, social, and political affairs of the Ethiopian community.

    Our organization is dedicated to addressing the root causes of women's problems stemming from socio-cultural attitudes, poor educational opportunities, unfavorable health conditions, isolation, domestic workloads, and lack of marketable skins. Currently we are researching; performing needs assessments, seeking funding and preparing our organizational planning. By carrying out a baseline survey and analysis, we are establishing a definitive management and knowledge base on which to build a program that "responds most effectively to women's and children's priority needs.  Objectives include creating an Education Programme to improve the literacy standard of the population by teaching job skins and by opening pre-schools and kindergartens. Most primary schools in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from very poor conditions for learning and Ethiopia is one of the poorest with only 34.6% enrol1ment of primary school education. Most children have to work for survival. Early marriage, child labor, and lack of schooling are the norm. Objectives include a Family Planning Programme to improve immunization, nutrition, and HIV /AIDS knowledge to address the high infant mortality rate, birth problems and disease level, and to improve health status of the community. Our Referral Programme will provide resources for health care and job skills training.

It is our over-all goal to educate women in the area of HIV / AIDS avoidances and awareness. We will provide job-training skills to women in the United States so that they may train women through various church missionaries in economic and political affairs so that they may gain access to better health care and prenatal care.