"Bringing Hope to the Hopeless"


Quick Facts

  • Only 45% of the total population has geographical access to medical services.
  • There is extreme scarcity of medical staff and facilities in the rural areas, and health services are mal-distributed (top-down according to funds) and in a state of despair, uncoordinated, inefficient, with non-existent involvement and participation of the private sector.
  • 66% of school age children have no access to formal schooling
  • Illiteracy among the productive age group is rampant and perpetuates widespread poverty
  • Ethiopian women are denied education, employment, and other opportunities.
  • Historically women do not participate in the economic, social or political affairs of the community
  • Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries with only 34.6% enrollment in primary school education.
  • Most children have to work for their survival so school is a very low priority on their list.

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